Feb 19, 2016

Mt. Daraitan (with Tinipak River and Cave Side Trip)



Tanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon
Major jumpoff: Brgy. Daraitan (village centre), Tanay
Minor jumpoff: Sitio Cablao Brgy. Pagsangahan, General Nakar
LLA: 14°36′48.5′′N 121°26′19.5′′ E, 739 MASL (+600)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2.5-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Tropical forest, limestone formations, river trek

Info by Pinoy Mountaineer.


03:30 meetup Cubao Farmers
04:00 ETD Cubao to Tanay
07:00 ETA Daraitan River
07:30 ETA Daraitan jumpoff
08:30 Start Trek
11:30 Summit
12:30 Start descent, traverse to Tinipak river
14:30 ETA Tinipak river
15:30 ETA Tinpak cave
17:00 ETA jumpoff, tidy up
18:00 Headback to Cubao
20:00 ETA Cubao

Since Mt. Daraitan is tagged as "mother of all assaults", we made this our pre-climb mountain for our Mt. Pulag "expedition".

Although it is a minor climb and can still be hiked by beginners, climbing Mt. Daraitan is a no joke. Expect a lot of steep trails that can challenge your cardiorespiratory endurance.

Not to brag, but I did not have a hard time climbing Mt. Daraitan because I am well-prepared. I followed the tips by sir Gideon Lasco aka Pinoy Mountaineer - running, walking on a steep slope, and carbohydrate loading specifically. Also, thanks to the vines and man-made "railings" for not letting us slip. *wink emoticon*

River crossing

View from Daraitan Brgy Hall
If you see this signage, it means your close to the summit
See that heart-shaped river? That's Tinipak river.

De kwatro pa more!

After this, we went to Tinipak river and cave. One word to describe: breathtaking!
Heading to Tinipak river and cave

See! No filter needed!
Look at that, crystal clear waters!
Inside Tinipak cave. Water is ice cold but YOLO, so we dipped ourselves into it. Note: You need to bring flashlight or headlamps - you cannot see anything without it.
Ahon salute!

Photos by my colleagues from Ahon Mountaineering Club


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