Jan 28, 2014

R0ckstarm0mma.com's New Year Giveaway: A Jollier 2014 with Jollibee Chickenjoy Bucket Treats

I always join online contests whenever there's an opportunity. Thanks to another online contest enthusiast for informing me about this.

These are the prizes awaiting to the lucky winner. Hopefully that will be ME! :D

2 Jollibee Dancing Dolls
P1000 Worth of Jollibee Gift Certificate
Local Obagi Set + Slimming Soap
Set of Stretchmark Kit
Underarm Peeling Set + Underarm Whitening Set
Rexona Lootbag

I really want to win these amazing giveaways because, ① I wanna give those adorable Jollibee Dancing Dolls to my nieces. I know they would like it. ② February 6 is my lola Del's 81st birthday and that 1k worth of Jollibee gift certificate is the right gift to her, knowing that she craves for only Jollibee whenever we're hungry. ③ I have disgusting stretchmarks at the back of my legs. That gives me uneasy feeling when I am wearing skirt and shorts. I have tried different products but they just don't work. Hopefully the giveaway can help me with my dilemma.