Nov 21, 2015

Mt. Ayaas and Mt. Sipit Ulang Twin Day Hike

View from the summit of Mt. Ayaas

Mt. Sipit Ulang Summit

Rodriguez, Rizal
Major jumpoff: Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal
Minor jumpoff: Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal
LLA: 14°45′3.38′′ N, 121°12′27.5′ 627 MASL (+570)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 3-4 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

Rodriguez, Rizal
Major jumpoff: Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal
LLA: 14°45′20.7′′ N, 121°10′38.2′ 252 MASL (+210m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3.5 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 3/9 (Paniki Trail), Trail class 1-4

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After 1 and a half month, I am finally going to the mountains again! But this climb is special becuse it is my first time to try twin day hike. I have always been wanting to try twin day hike but got no time. Thanks to my colleagues from Ahon Mountaineering Group, they invited me to their biglaang climb. And because it is unplanned, I did not have the time to train and prepare myself so I am expecting numerous times that I will take rest in between the trek so I could catch my breath. LOL

Our Group's Itinerary:

0430H Meet up at Jollibee Centris, Quezon Ave.
0500H ETD Quezon Ave.
0630H ETA Brgy. Mascap Rodriguez, Rizal. Register at Barangay Hall. Preparations
0700H Start trek up Mt. Ayaas
0930H ETA Mt. Ayaas Summit
1030H Start descent
1300H Back at Mascap Barangay Hall. Late Lunch. Rest.
1400H Start trek up Mt. Sipit Ulang via Paniki Trail
1630H ETA Mt. Sipit Ulang Summit
1730H Start descent via Banayad Trail
1900H Back at Mascap Barangay Hall. Clean up. Dinner.
2000H ETD Brgy. Mascap Rodriguez, Rizal
2130H ETA Quezon Ave.

1/4 of the gang

Groufie at Mascap Barangay Hall

Final assault before reaching the summit of Mt. Ayaas

Summit with my colleagues

The obligatory summit jump shot

Descent from Mt. Ayaas Summit

One of the many bamboo ladders at Mt. Sipit Ulang via Paniki trail

At one of the bamboo bridges

We're like bats clustering on the rocks

Showcasing my rock climbing skills. LOL

One of the huge rock formations at Mt. Sipit Ulang


The rock we are on seemed low on the picture but this is actually high. Maybe as high as 5-storey building.

Rocks all over

It's almost 6PM when we started descent via Banayad trail. It's already dark and we need to use our flashlights. We did not feel scared until we heard a creepy sound of a weeping woman. Based on the tone of her cry, she seems to be helpless. (Listen to the clip below. The sound is almost the same as what we heard that night.) At first we tried to ignore the sound but it does not stop so we prayed and whispered tabi tabi po. Our colleagues taking the lead however did not hear the cry but they did encounter two women both carrying an umbrella on one hand and a baby on the other. My colleagues even asked them if they are on the right track and one of the women answered yes. Upon parting ways, my other colleagues looked back to lighten the way of the unknown women. But to their surprise, the two have disappeared. Creepy right?

Tip: I suggest that you must wear gloves, arm sleeves, trekking pants (instead of shorts or leggings), and trekking shoes specially for Mt. Sipit Ulang. Rocks are very sharp and it can cut your skin.

Photo credits to Malen, Ma'am Gin and Sir Christian.